These Twins’ Skin Colors Varied When They Were Born; See How They Appear 20 Years Later

This is a nice and unexpected event that occasionally shocks.
However, when it becomes apparent that the twins are not identical, parents can face greater shock.
A couple who had twins that were so unlike one another that no one thought they were related had a similar circumstance.

The multiracial twins Lucy and Maria Aymer were born on January 16, 1997, in England.
Vince and Donna were expecting their fourth child at the time. However, they had to get ready to look after five kids when they learned they were having twins.

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Unfortunately, the couple split up a few years later. The twins were nonetheless raised by both parents.
Donna is mixed-race; Vince is white. The couple anticipated that both of their offspring would be mestizos. But as a result, the kids ended up with various skin colors.

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Since Maria and Lucy are not genetically related, they do not have the same genes. They have a sister named Chinna, who has a light brown complexion, along with two elder brothers named Jordan and George.
“The skin tone of our brothers is a cross between Maria’s and mine. “They are in the middle of the spectrum, while we are at the opposing extremes.”

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The girls began asking their mother to stop dressing them the same at the age of 7 because they thought it made them look different.
The once-baby girls have now grown into two stunning women.
Maria holds more traditional ideas on life, whereas Lucy identifies as a rock girl. They also have different personalities.

Lucy is an introvert, while Maria is not hesitant to strike up a discussion initially.

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