The Lovely Puppy Has Been Waiting for New Owners at the Shelter for a While Because of His Unusual Appearance

To improve his lot in life, the poor dog named Jay needs a sympathetic and trustworthy buddy. But no one wants to adopt him due to his appearance.
The shelter received this dog in January 2021.

And it had already been 400 days since he had been in search of a permanent family.
It is heartbreaking that this adorable dog needs to be beautiful to be adopted despite having excellent conduct and character.

Due to these circumstances, the unfortunate dog developed allergies and quickly lost his hair. He now requires particular care and attention because his allergies can only be handled with such care. The adoption procedure has thus been made more challenging by these health difficulties.

However, Jay is lively and cheerful and still holds on to the hope that one day his true owners will pursue him.

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