These South African Little Black Frogs Have an Angry Avocado Appearance.

Most people would claim that cats are grumpy, but after seeing these frogs, they might rethink that statement.

Many people have been referring to these little South African indigenous frogs as “angry avocados.”

Meet African Rain Frogs That Look Like Angry Avocados | Bored Panda

Black Rain Frogs

These grumpy-appearing frogs can also endure at heights of up to 3,300 feet!
Now we’re wondering if they’ve got wings.

The Black Rain Frogs have short limbs and toes, as well as a round body. They usually have a body that is a somewhat lighter shade of brown or nearly black with no colored markings.

Here Are The Frogs Which Look Like Angry Avocados But They Have Most  Adorable Squeeks

The snout-vent length of these little South African rain frogs ranges from 1.6 to 2.0 inches.

Instead of warts, their bodies contain noticeable, widely spread granules or tiny lumps. And if you ever have the rare opportunity to see one, don’t be frightened by its expression; they aren’t actually angry. They naturally appear like that.

This frog will puff out to make its body bigger to scare anyone who is posing a threat if it comes into contact with unwelcome visitors. When I think about it, I’m not sure whether that would frighten me.

African Rain Frogs Look Like Grumpy Avocados | Frog, Cute frogs, Black frog

Natural habitat

The fynbos and forests are their native environment. They don’t truly need the presence of open water because they are a sort of burrowing animal. These frogs were created to endure!

Fortunately, Black Rain Frogs are still considered to be of least concern for amphibians according to Wikipedia and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Therefore, these irate-appearing frogs are not considered to be threatened, near threatened, or dependent on conservation.

African Rain Frogs Look Like Little Angry Avocados | African frogs, Frog  species, Frog


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